Lovaganza’s Announcement On The Highly Awaited Global Celebration

Initially anticipated to take place in 2015, Lovaganza Entertainment has announced that the much awaited international celebration has been rescheduled and is set to take place from May to September 2020. Lovaganza 2020 promises to bring the world a feel of culture like never before, with a theme that is centered on “Embarking on a Bohemian Adventure”. Bringing to mind the feel of the antiquated classic Cinerama and the fond memories of the World Fairs, the celebration is stirred from the past, present and future of all nations across the globe on academycreative.com.

Lovaganza 2020, showcases an immersive display of virtually every culture with trailblazing entertainment ranging from motion pictures to attractions, shows and exhibitions. The Lovaganza “Bohemian adventure” introduces a new level of entertainment, using the cinema to take its audience on an adventure around the world. This is to be showcased all under the “Grand Chapiteau” and its pavilions in eight primary locations in America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania.

Before the global celebration in 2020, a traveling show has been scheduled to take place in 2017. This show aims at promoting and creating an awareness of the Lovaganza 2020. It will also give the anticipated audience a feel of the cinematic 3D immersive experience in all of its primary locations. Following that, three motion pictures will be released and presented to the audience all over the world in Lovaganza traveling pavilions through the new 1800 glassless 3D screens. These motion pictures will also be presented locally in 3D and 2D theaters all over the world. Preparatory video footage for the trilogy are already being shot in countries like France, Spain and the United States. However, shooting will commence soon in Africa, India and the remaining parts of the world.

More exciting is the fact that, the Lovaganza film trilogy will be displayed through the new immerscope technology in traveling theaters, creating and bringing to mind the old memories of the Cinerama screens, in a revolutionary style.

About Lovaganza

All plans for the Lovaganza celebrations are structured into two different aspects. One aspect is aimed at profit, which is the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. This franchise is not only aimed at profit making but also in bringing entertainment to the world by showcasing cultures, music and dance from all over the world. While the second aspect, which is non-profit, is The Lovaganza Foundation. It is set to open in 2018, and is aimed at employing the achievements of the franchise into producing a positive impact, while supporting worldwide initiatives.

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